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Overview: Custom fields and tags

In addition to the fields and tags already provided by CRM, you can also create your own. You can also search and filter your contacts, offers and projects according to these individual fields and tags.

To make the best use of them, it is advisable to understand when it is better to use tags and when to use individual fields.


Tags are labels or keywords that you apply to people, companies, offers and projects to categorize them.

Tags are always appropriate when the characteristic you are storing either applies or does not apply. A simple example would be the tag "existing customer". You could also say that tagging is answering a yes/no question. Either it is an existing customer or it is not.

For example, you can specify the industry (automotive, finance, medical, insurance...) or the relationship you have with contacts (prospect, customer, partner, supplier, ...).

For detailed information on tagging and filtering by tags, see our Tags help article.

Custom fields

Custom fields are input fields for recurring customer-specific data. Custom fields are always suitable when their contents are diverse or even individual, so the field can contain countless different details depending on the customer.

A prime example of an individual field is a customer number. Each customer has its own, so the field is filled with different data per contact.

If you create and maintain tags and individual fields, you can filter your contacts, offers and projects according to your own criteria.

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