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Custom Fields

If you want to enter data for which no suitable field exists in CRM, you can create your own fields for people, companies, offers and projects. You can then also search and filter according to the contents of these fields.

Individual fields are often used, for example, for customer numbers or hourly rates. They are suitable - in contrast to tags - whenever the later entries are different. Details about the question when it is better to use individual fields and when to use tags can be found here. Because the right decision will allow you better search and filter options later on.

Create individual fields

As the owner or co-owner of your CRM account, you can create additional fields under Account Settings and then Manage Individual Fields. First, you give the new field a name there and decide whether you want to create it for people, companies, quotes, or projects. Then you define what kind of data should be stored here.



Field types

For individual fields, contents and criteria can be freely defined, e.g. as:

Plain text: For up to 250 arbitrary characters, from numbers to letters to special characters. Then filtered digit by digit, from front to back.

Predefined values: A classic drop-down menu with fixed values, e.g. for industries.

Number: Only for numerical values and for filtering by 'greater than', 'less than' or 'equal to'.

Date: A uniformly formatted date, which can be entered manually or selected via a calendar. To filter by 'before', 'after' or 'on' a date. Good for contract data for example.

Website/ URL: For web addresses that shall be shown as a link. Best option for links to your own document management (Dropbox or similar).


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