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how to set up connections to third party applications

Zapier is an online service that makes it possible to connect different web applications, transfer data and thus realize a form of process automation. Zapier supports a variety of third-party applications, including CentralStationCRM:


Unlike other integrations, however, with Zapier it's not a case of simply pressing a button or entering an API key, and from then on the connection to a third-party service is completely active. With Zapier, it works like this:

Connecting apps requires what are called "Zaps," which are automated workflows between web apps that connect two or more apps. Zaps are basically composed of two building blocks: a trigger and the automated actions that follow. The trigger first ensures that the Zap is "set in motion" and the intended action is started. So conditions have to be defined when exactly what should happen. Zapier offers several options for these zaps.

It therefore makes sense to first identify all company processes and, based on the results, to create corresponding zaps that map these processes. This may sound a bit complex at first, but automation can of course save costs in the long run.

If you have any questions about Zapier integration or if you are not sure if your application can be connected to CentralStationCRM via Zapier, feel free to contact us ("contact us" in the help section below right).

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