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How do I search in CentralStationCRM

Using the search box at the upper right, you can search contacts, companies, deals and projects inside CentralStationCRM as well as browse through notes or e-mails comfortably and quickly.


Following areas of CRM are searched directly: 

  • Contacts: first and last name, telephone number, "About this person" 

  • Assistants of contacts (name, phone number) 

  • Companies: Company name, "About this company"

  • Deals: Name of the deals, description 

  • Projects: Project Name, Description 

Keyboard navigation 

Use the arrow keys to jump up and down in the results between the entries. Press Enter to get to the page of the selected entry. 

Search for notes and tasks 

If you want to search all notes, e-mails or tasks in your CRM, you can do that directly from the search field. The first entry in the search results is always the option to search notes and tasks. Here the full content is searched. That means you can also find individual words throughout the text.

The difference between searching and filtering

The search line at the top is used to search for a single object. If you want to have a result that shows, for example, all companies with "agency" in their name, then use the "Name" filter field on the contacts or company overview page.


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