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Can I customize CentralStationCRM for our company?

Central Station is not fully customizable as it is a pure software-as-a-service that comes and stays like "out of the box". However, during development we tried to serve as many industries and small companies as possible. Therefor you have the following options to adjust CentralStationCRM individually for your company: 

Individual fields 

For contacts, companies, deals and projects of the account owner can configure individual fields in the account settings. As the owner of the account, go to top right of the Settings and select Account Settings. On the right side you will find the option to create individual fields. For example, if you offer different discount levels for your customers, you might name the field the "discount level" and use it for the percentage awarded for each company. 


To categorize and filter your contacts (companies, deals) you can use tags. For example assign your deals to fixed product groups such as "programming", "design" or "advice". People you could tag with their sector or the specialty to easier find an expert later. 

Extensions of our programming / API 

For further applications, we offer a programming interface through which you can read data from your CRM system or write data into the system. The use cases here range from a small integration into one of your existing systems to complete processes and workflows. Read more about our API documentation for developers.

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