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Mobile CRM use (iPhone, iPad and Android Tablets)

You can use CentralStationCRM easily on mobile devices and without having to install additional apps. Go with your smartphone or tablet easy on the URL of your CentralStationCRM accounts (https://your-account.centralstationcrm.net) and log in using your normal e-mail address and password. 

Usually the iPhone and iPad Safari browser display the correct version of CentralStationCRM automatically. Sometimes on some Android tablets, the small, mobile version is displayed even though the resolution of the tablet better fits the "big" version of CRM. When logging in on the mobile device, you can therefore choose whether you prefer to use the enhanced version for smartphones or the normal desktop version. 

Native Apps

To use our native apps, please check out the iOS App store and the Google Play Store and look out for CentralStationCRM.

Do you have problems with the login on your smartphone? 

If you are headed to the login screen again and no error message appears, then it could be that you have disabled cookies on your device. Please enable the use of cookies for your CentralStationCRM address in your browser settings. If that does not help please contact us.

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