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How do I start e-mail campaigns or newsletters?

If you want to send a newsletter to its CRM contacts, there are essentially two options:

  1. Export the (possibly using tags filtered) contacts, for example to Excel. Then copy the column with the email addresses in the recipient or BCC line of your mail program. For small group mails this practice works well, for a proper newsletter to a larger customer base, we recommend to use a newsletter provider like Mailchimp or our partner Newsletter2Go (see no. 2). You can easily upload our export file at any newsletter service.

  2. Since 2012 we've an integration with the Newsletter service Newsletter2Go. Hence it's possibility to transfer filtered contacts from within your CentralStationCRM to our partner Newsletter2Go. With this mass e-mails service you can not just customize and personalize your e-mails for multiple recipients, you also benefit from their reporting (for example opening and click-through rates). With the help of this analysis you can learn and improve for future mailings.

Requirements to send e-mails via Newsletter2Go

First you register at Nesletter2Go via https://ui.newsletter2go.com/register

To send mails using Newsletter2Go you must then generate a code, called the API key, in the settings of your CRM and then put it into your Newsletter2Go account. In order to do so, click the Settings link on the top right corner and select Account settings. You need to be the account owner or a co-owner in order to set this up, otherwise you won't see the Account settings link.

Here you can create a new API token at the right side. Enter this key within the Newsletter2Go settings and you'll be able to sync data from CentralStationCRM to Newsletter2Go. Check out our setup video for the final steps to integrate CentralStationCRM and Newsletter2Go.

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