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Import contacts

How do I upload multiple people or companies to CentralStationCRM?

In CentralStationCRM, you can import data from different formats in just a few steps.

Basically these are:

  1. Excel (.xls)

  2. Digital business cards (vCard / .vcf).

There are different ways of importing:

  1. Upload from your hard drive (Excel, vCard)

  2. Import via e-mail (just send a vCard to your crm-email-dropbox )

For the import via e-mail please look here (Outlook) or here (Apple, Gmail, etc.).

For the upload from your computer, you can find the link “Import data” on the overview pages People or Companies in the right column.


You have the option of selecting vCard, Excel or XING from the options. You can undo any import for 24 hours.


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