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Update Import: Can I import data multiple times for a mass update?

If you want to make several changes to the data in your CRM at the same time or forgot some infos in an early import (eg, tags, custom fields, notes), then you can export the data from CentralStationCRM to Excel, modify or supplement it there and then import the Excel revise. 

In the Excel export file you find the CSCRM ID in the first column. This ID makes the exported contact for us clearly recognizable, so that we can process the data to the right contact at the later import. So when you take the exported Excel file and change or add anything to the data therein, leave the column with the CSCRM ID untouched. 


For the best result please check the following

  • When importing the system recognizes the first column with the CSCRM ID. For each entry that we know the ID our system makes an update on the existing contact and does not add a new row. 

  • As we see the new Excel as the current state, we replace with this update everything in your CRM that is not congruent with what is in the Excel file. So if you change the phone number in Excel, then these will replace the number in CRM. This means as well, if you work with your exported file have and delete an address, the existing address in the CRM is replaced with the empty address from the import and thus deleted. 

  • Therefore, you should look at the reimport only just the CRM ID, import the first and last name and the column with the revised columns. All other assignments, you should disable (select the first option in the dropdown lists). Just make sure that nothing is overwritten except the actual changed data. 

Please note that the edits on the import can not be reversed, as it is the case with the normal imports. So if you make a mistake and accidentally delete / overwrite too much, then you should need to import again the correct data.

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