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Can I perform a data export for data backup?

We offer several options for exporting your data. In addition to an export to Excel and vCard, we offer a complete XML based export. The advantage of the complete export is that we can supply you with all the information stored (for example all notes, all phone numbers and addresses). The Excel or vCard formats are simply not able to hold this data structure. Writing all notes and emails into one column or cell simply doesn't help you when importing the data into another system. Our complete export can. 

We perform a full backup of all data during every night. You may want to use the complete export as an additional data backup or migration to another CRM system. Due to the data structure of our total export, you would probably need programming knowledge in order to make use of the data. However, due to the completeness of the information you can then do whatever you want with the data - without any restrictions.

Please note that not every user has the rights for such an export. Only the account owner can perform this complete export. The Excel and vCard exports can also be performed by users with extended rights. These additional rights must be assigned manually.

Data structure of the complete export

Once you have requested the full export via the account settings, we will prepare your data in the background. Depending on your account's size, this can take some time - up to several hours. Once the export is ready, we will send you an email so you can download the data as Zip archive.

The Zip file contains one text file for each of your contacts, companies etc., structured in YML format.


When you open one of the files, you will see the different pieces of information (e.g. addresses, Tasks, Contacts, Notes etc..). This data can be read and processed by a developer. The coding of all the contents of the file is UTF-8. Special characters such as é and ê be in accordance with UTF-8 for example as \ xc3 \ x9F (ä) or \ xc3 \ x9Fe shown.


Further export opportunities

Additionally, we offer an export to Excel (.xls) or vCard. You will find these export options on the overview pages of contacts, companies, deals and projects (if you've got extended rights or are the owner of the account). The Excel format contains the master data of the person, but can not contain all the data, due to its fixed structure.

Therefore, use the Excel export for mailings and other lists. The complete export is primarily intended for switching to another CRM system.

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