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Connecting your CRM account with third-party applications (API)

There are quite a few applications which can be enabled to team up with CentralStationCRM and conveniently synchronize data in between them. However, in order to exchange data between two different products, your initial authorization is needed. Only an explicit authorization allows for one software to access data of another. 

If you want to grant third-party applications like marketing software Newsletter2Go access to CentralStationCRM, you need to be the owner of your account. If that’s the case, you can follow these two steps. 

1. Create your CRM API key

Click on the gear in the upper right corner and enter your account settings. Click on Manage external applications (API). Here you can create a new API token:


2. Add your API key to third-party applications

If the third-party application cooperates directly with CentralStationCRM, you can add the key in its settings. In Newsletter2Go you find the menu item “Integrations” in the dropdown list that pops out when you click on your avatar in the top right corner. Scroll down and click the gear icon next to CentralStationCRM in the list of available integrations. Click “Set Up New” and paste the API key into the empty field.

The API key replaces your login credentials. If you want to disconnect from the third-party app, simply delete the key in CentralStationCRM. The third-party app will lose its access to the data in your CRM system immediately.

An API is a programming interface that enables software applications to read and write data in your application to develop and integrate new features. It allows you to create an almost infinite number of possibilities. Some examples for using a programming interface are:

  • Individual import solutions, enabling the transfer of even the smallest details from existing databases

  • Links to other software

  • Electronic invoicing

  • Tailor-made analytics and evaluations 

  • Mobile solutions and apps, e.g. for iPhone and Android

The api docs may be found here.

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