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Data export: Complete backup

We offer various options for exporting your data. In addition to an export to Excel and to the business card format vCard, we offer a complete export of the raw data. The advantage of the complete export is that we can provide you with all stored information (e.g. all notes, all telephone numbers and addresses). The export contains the data in such a way that you can click through the persons, companies, offers, projects and tasks in your browser. In addition, the complete export contains the raw data in JSON format to enable migration from CentralStationCRM to another CRM system.

Due to the completeness of the information, the complete export and the file format offer you all possibilities. This way, you can usually realise a migration without any data loss.

Please note that not every user has the rights for such an export. Only the account holder and users with co-holder rights can perform this complete export. The Excel and vCard exports can also be carried out by users with extended rights.

Request complete export

As soon as you have requested the complete export via the cogwheel (top right) and then Account settings and then Export all data, we prepare your data in the background. Depending on the account size, this can take some time - up to several hours. As soon as the export is ready, we will send you an e-mail and show you a download link in your CentralStationCRM so that you can download the data as a .zip archive.

Structure of the complete export

The .zip file then contains the HTML page YOUR-EXPORTFILE.html, which you can open with a double click in your browser.

When you open the file, you directly get to the overview page and can navigate through the areas as usual.

Raw data in JSON format

The JSON raw data can be found in the folder data and there in the folder json. For each area (e.g. people) there is a file containing all data with the respective sub-elements (e.g. notes, phone numbers, etc.). 

CRM main areas as Excel exports

In the folder xls you will find all main areas of CentralStationCRM as Excel exports, i.e. one file with all people, one with all companies, one with all offers and one with all projects. 

The Excel file of the persons contains the master data of the person, but cannot contain all data due to its fixed structure. Although we could also place notes etc. there, you would probably not be able to do anything with them due to the lack of structure (e.g. notes from 2 years in one Excel cell).

Use the Excel export for mailings and other lists. The JSON raw data is primarily intended for switching to another CRM system or as a backup.

Why does a complete export for data backup make sense?

Your data is in good hands in CentralStationCRM and is secured at all times, but it still makes sense to occasionally perform a complete export for additional data backup. This ensures access to your data if you are not connected to the internet for a longer period of time. You also protect yourself in case you accidentally delete data, for example if you mistakenly merge duplicates. 

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