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How can I add a picture to people or companies?

You can create a picture of each person and company, which is then displayed at the top left of the page of the person / company or in the overview lists.

When you create a new person or company, or edit an existing one, you can click on the demo image. Afterwards, you can select an image from your computer or specify a web page from which we try to load the image when saving the page. If you want to add the image via a web page, the link has to point to a picture and this image has to be accessible to public, so it must not require a password.

We then save the image in its original size and also reduce it for proper display in your CRM. To retrieve the original image, simply click on the image after saving it on the person or company page.

Replace or delete image

If you want to change the profile image, replace it. This means either you already have a picture alternative and add it exactly as described above (the picture is then overwritten) or you simply replace it with a standard avatar.

Just click the right mouse button on one of the pictures above and choose Save Image As. Then edit the person or company and insert the image you just saved as a profile.

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