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Work on contacts and companies in ascending order

If you have been using tags to filter your contacts, you can edit these in series one after the other, without having to jump back into the overview. This makes the sales processes such as follow up calls much faster and more comfortable. 

In general, if you call a contact in your filtered list and want to return again in the overview, you better use the tabs instead of the back arrow of the browser, because otherwise your selection will be lost. 

To use the series editing, proceed as follows: 

Select your contacts with the help of a tag and click work through the matches above the selection in the green highlighted box.

Image-2022-12-14-at-1.47.45-PM.jpegy clicking on the link the selection jumps to the first contact in the list. You can use the links next entry and previous entry to work through the list. 


The last selected contact in the selection is always saved. So if you have to change during the process to a  a different tab, this is not a problem. A click on the link current entry brings you back to the last edited person or company. To end the process click on disable multi mode.

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